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Accident List- United States


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The accidents marked with a * indicates incomplete information.

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14-Jan-47 VP-2 PV-2 1 NAS Miramar, California In-flight fire, overshot landing, crashed one mile south-east. BUNO 37174
22-Jul-47 VP-10 PB4Y-2 5 NAS Whidbey Island. Hit tree landing at Ault Field. BUNO 59821.
16-Dec-47 VP-3 PBY-5A 6 NAS Norfolk, VA. Mid-air. BUNO 48291
10-Jan-48 VP-MS-2 PBM-5 1 Tsingtao Seadrome, Chine JATO exploded during takeoff. Aircraft destroyed by fire. BUNO 84606
10-Feb-48 ATU-1 PBM-5 2 NAS Jacksonville Hit trees during GCA approach.BUNO 84772.
25-Apr-48 VP-12 PB4Y-2 1 NAS Corpus Christi Hit tree landing. BUNO 59860.
*9-May-48 Unknown PBY-6A 12 Puerto Rico. Lost at sea. 2300N 7500W. BUNO 64015.
12-Aug-48 VP-13 PB4Y-2B 12 S end Rota Island, NAS Agana. Flew into cliff during bad weather.  BUNO 59776.
 3-Nov-48 VP-20 PB4Y-2 12 NAS Kodiak, Alaska. Lost at sea, 10 miles off Port Moller. BUNO 59685.
4-Nov-48 VP-1 P2V-2 9 Vancouver island, BC, Canada. Near Mt. Guemes. BUNO 39333
10-Feb-49 VP-21 PB4Y-2 2 NAS Patuxent River, Md. Crashed 2.5 miles NW during GCA approach. BUNO 66320.
*15-May-49 Unknown PBY-5A 2 In Detroit River. Water-loop during landing. BUNO 34014.
8-Jul-49 O&R PBM-5 9 Panama. Fire in-flt, crashed while attempting a forced landing, 330T 13mi from NAS Coco Solo. BUNO 84655.
24-Jul-49 VP-61 PV-2 3 Hersey, WI Fire in-flt, attempted forced landing. BUNO 37208.
31-Aug-49 VP-46 PBM-5S 10 NAS San Diego. Weather problem, wing hit water after take-off. BUNO 84770.
9-Nov-49 VP-29 PB4Y-2 1 Mikallo, OR. Engine failure, forced landing. BUNO 59817.
10-Feb-50 ATU-10 PBM-5 9 Last Posit 2822N 9526W Lost at sea. Debris found on beach southwest of Galveston, Texas. Crew missing. BUNO 84704
8-Apr-50 VP-26 PB4Y-2 10 Baltic Sea. Shot down by Russian fighter while patrolling international waters of the Baltic Sea. BUNO 59645.
11-May-50 NATC P2V-1 4 Oyster, VA. Engine fell off. BUNO 48238.
1-Jun-50 VP-3 P2V-2 9 NAS Quonset Point P2V-2 crashed on landing. BUNO 122454.
5-Nov-50 VP-46 PBM-5 11 Sangley Point Lost on a China Sea Patrol, last position report 2220N 11725E. BUNO 84769.
  27-Nov-50 VP-4 P2V-2 5 NAS Barbers Point Right wing separated during rocket run. BUNO 39340.
18-Dec-50 VP-931 P2V-3W 11 McCreight Mt. WA Crashed into mountain, wreckage found on 21 Oct 51. BUNO 124357.
11-Jan-51 VP-46 PBM-5S 6 Amami Ooshima Island, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan Water-loop on landing. BUNO 84662.
21-Jan-51 VP-22 P2V-4 2 One mile north of Naha AFB. Ditched after take-off, right engine failed. BUNO 124227.
8-Mar-51 NATC P4M-1 4 NAS Patuxent River, MD. Crashed into Chesapeake Bay at 3737N 7612W. BUNO 121452.
22-Apr-51 VP-892 PBM-5 6 NAS Iwakuni. Engine failure, cartwheeled on a forced landing in Iwakuni Bay. BUNO 84663.
14-Jun-51 VP-731 PBM-5 3 Manila Bay, Philippines. Hard landing. BUNO 85148
14-Jun-51 VP-741 P2V-2 8 Flemings Island Field NAS Jacksonville, Fire in-flt, forced landing in wooded area. BUNO 122453.
15-Jun-51 VP-2 P2V-4 1 NAS Kodiak. Hit ditch on landing resulting in a/c fire. BUNO 124253.
15-Jun-51 VP-40 PBM-5S 12 Ookurokami Island, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan. Hit mountain in bad weather. BUNO 84691.
21-Jun-51 VP-9 PB4Y-2 1 Skagit Bay, WA Flew into water. BUNO 66263.
29-Jun-51 VX-1 PBM-5S 8 NAS Key West. Engine failure on take-off. BUNO 98610.
27-Jul-51 VP-772 PB4Y-2S 9 Atata Island, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan. Hit hill at night. BUNO 59992.
6-Aug-51 VP-871 PB4Y-2 9 Smith Island, WA. Water impact half mile off shore. BUNO 59657.
12-Aug-51 VP-9 PB4Y-2 12 Amak Island, Alaska. Impact with hill. BUNO 66298.
23-Aug-51 VP-671 PB4Y-5A 8 NAS Atlanta, GA Crashed on take-off. BUNO
31-Aug-51 VP-9 PB4Y-2 10 Little Tanaga Island, Alaska Crashed on take-off. BUNO
4-Sep-51 VP-5 P2V-3 7 NAS Quonset Point A/C fire caused by stuck flare in chute, crashed at sea (4030N 7112W). BUNO 122978.
6-Nov-51 VP-6 P2V-3W 10 Sea of Japan Shot down by Russian fighter aircraft over international waters off the Sea of Japan. BUNO 124283.
25-Nov-51 VP-46 PBM-5 4 Iwakuni Bay, Japan Bounced on landing, crashed. high winds.. BUNO 84622.
27-Nov-51 VP-731 PBM-5 11 San Diego, CA Spun in 7 mi off San Diego coast. BUNO 59223.
26-Dec-51 VP-6 P2V-3 2 NAS Atsugi, Japan Runaway prop, ditched at night (3905N 13011E). BUNO 122972
31-Dec-51 VP-47 PBM-5 4 Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong Spun in on take-off.BUNO 84682.
 5-Jan-52 VP-10 P2V-2 1 USAFB Burtonwood, UK Undershot during hot landing, crashed into USAF C-47. Bad weather. BUNO 122443.
14-Jan-52 VP-871 PB4Y-2 12 NAS Atsugi, Japan. Double engine failure, crashed 4mi east of NAS. BUNO 59704.
21-Mar-52 VP-12 PB4Y-2 10 NAS Corpus Christi, TX. Spun in after take-off. BUNO
14-Apr-52 VP-26 P2V-4 6 NAS Brunswick, ME. Engine failure, hit trees during forced landing. BUNO 124255.
11-Jul-52 VP-893 PBY-6A 3 In Lake Washington, WA Wheels down landing. BUNO 46664.
*16-Jul-52 Unknown PB4Y 1 NAS Adak. Hit dune on landing.BUNO 4093?.
 31-Jul-52 VP-731 PBM-5S2 2 Yellow Sea. Attacked by Chinese fighters, off West Korea. BUNO 59277 
 7-Aug-52 VP-892 PBM-5S 13 Luzon Mariveles Mtns., Philippines. Returning to base on one engine in bad weather, crashed into mountain. BUNO 84774, SE-7
8-Aug- 52 VP-892 PBM-5S 14 Japan Crew on TDY to Iwakuni from Sangley.  Crashed into mountain at night, cause unknown. BUNO 84782
6-Oct-52 VP-24 PB4Y-2B 6 NAS Argentia, Newfoundland Weather and GCA. BUNO 59988.
12-Nov-52 VP-772 PB4Y-2 11 Shelton, WA. Hit hill. BUNO 59923.
21-Nov-52 VP-7 P2V-4 8 NAS Quonset Point Crashed in Narransett Bay during ASWEX with submarine. BUNO 124242.
26-Dec-52 VP-47 PBM-5 10 Korea. Engine failure, ditched and exploded at 3930N 12915E. BUNO 84787.
2-Jan-53 VP-1 P2V-5 1   BUNO 124886
18-Jan-53 VP-22 P2V 2 Off Swatow Island P2V-5 badly damaged by AA fire from Swatow Island that it was forced to ditch. BUNO 127744.
28-Jan-53 VP-9 PB4Y-2 10 Black Peak, WA. Hit mountain at 5000 ft, bad weather, wreckage found in July 53. BUNO 59937.
1-Feb-53 VP-22 P2V-5 11 Okinawa Crashed into Ryuukyuan mountain.BUNO 127751.
22-Mar-53 VP-34 PBM 11 Estimated 2337N 7007W En route San Juan to Trinidad during PHIBEX II-53. BUNO 85151
2-Jul-53 VP-42 PBM-5S 12 NAS Adak. Fire in flight, forced landing in fog, crashed at sea. BUNO 85158.
13-Jul-53 VP-44 P5M-1 7 NAS Norfolk, VA Engine failure, ditched off Cape Henry. BUNO 126503.
30-Jul-53 VP-48 PBM-5S2 10 NS Sangley Point, PI "Charlie Patrol", fire port engine, crashed at 1800N 11937E. Five rescued by Coast Guard PBM.SF5. BUNO 84760
18-Oct-53 VP-18 P2V-5 9 Keflavik. Engine failure after take-off, ditched 50mi sw of Iceland. BUNO 124901.
*19-Oct-53 Unknown P2V-5 4 Bermuda. Stalled on wave-off, crashed in St. Georges Harbour. BUNO 128389.
27-Oct-53 VP-7 P2V-5 1 Ditched at sea, 3112N 13514E. Engine failure, unable to maintain flight on single engine. BUNO 127764.
10-Nov-53 VP-50 PBM-5S2 14 Off Cheju Island, Korea Lost at sea enroute to Yellow Sea patrol. Crew 10. BUNO 58152
4-Jan-54 VP-2 P2V-5 10 Off Cheju Island, Korea Engine failure, ditched at 3440N 12200E, 40 mi off Cheju Island . BUNO 127752.
21-Jan-54 VP-7 P2V-5 7 Barbers Point, Hawaii. Crashed into Mount Puu Kaua, East-South-East slope on landing approach. BUNO 124874.
16-Apr-54 VP-24 P4Y-2B 9 Ellesmere Island, Canada Crashed into mountain top, white out conditions, Ice Patrol out of Thule. BUNO 59925
5-May-54 ATU-700 PBM-5 10 Brownsville, Texas Navigation training flight. Found 90 miles SSW of Brownsville. BUNO 59143
7-May-54 VP-23 P2V-5 10 Windsor Field, Nassau Water impact shortly after take-off. BUNO 128421.
21-May-54 VP-46 P5M-1 4 At sea, 400 miles E of Hawaii Two engine failure, broke up on deadstick open sea landing. Crew BD-6 survivors rescued by LST 975. BUNO 126511
9-Jun-54 VP-47 PBM-5S2 17 Yaku Shima Island Enroute to Hong Kong, struck top of mountain. BUNO 84779
4-Sep-54 VP-19 P2V 1 40 Nms off coast of Siberia.  Shot down by Russian fighter aircraft.Shot down by Russian fighter. Ditiched except for the Navigator, the crew survived
28-Sep-54 VP-46 P5M-1 12 NAS Sangley Point, PI Crashed on take-off in poor weather and sealane markers were out. BUNO 127697
17-Feb-55 VP-6 P2V-5 11 Kodiak, Alaska Impacted mountain at 2000 feet, 30 nms NW of Elmendorf. BUNO 128399.
9-Apr-55 VP-56 P5M-1 4 NAS Norfolk, Virginia Night take-off in Willoughby Bay, crashed into seawall. BUNO 130265.
*28-Jul-55 Unknown P2V-2 5 Unknown BUNO 122458.
*26-Sep-55 VP-4 P2V-5 11 Unknown BUNO 131442.
31-Oct-55 VP-34 PBM-5S2 8 NAS Coco Solo, Panama Stbd engine failed on take-off, crashed into seawall. Fire and explosion. BUNO 59232
*7-Dec-55 VP-6 P2V-5 7 Unknown BUNO 124899
9-Nov-56 VP-49 P5M 10 Bermuda Triangle. Lost at sea. BUNO 127705.
11-Nov-56 VP-56 P5M-2 4 Enroute Azores to Bermude Crashed on take-off. BUNO 135518
* 2-Apr-57 NAOTS P2V 11 Chincoteague, Virginia Mid-air explosion shortly after take-off. BUNO 126518.
12-Apr-57 VP-26 P2V-5F 6 NAS Brunswick Crashed at NAS Brunswick as a consequence of a runaway varicam. BUNO 131452.
19-Jul-57 VP934 P2V-6 11 Trento Dolomites, Northern Italy Struck mountain enroute Pt. Lyautey, Morocco to Ireviso-Istranna, Italy. BUNO 126535.
21-Jul-57 VP-23 P2V-7 9 Fradusta Mountains, Northern Italy Crashed during SAR search for VP-934 P2V-6. Crew LJ-11. BUNO 140256.
23-Jul-57 VP-28 P2V-5F 10 300yds off Barbers Point, Hawaii. BUNO 128418
15 Sep 57 VP-49 P5M-1 1 Enroute Bermuda to Norfolk AN/APS- 44 radar magnetron exploded in flight killing one crewman.
9-Dec-57 VP46 P5M 9 Corpus Christi, Texas In-flight fire, crashed shortly after take-off.
BUNO 130291
6-Apr-58 VP-48 P5M-1 8 Iwakuni, Japan Crashed shortly after take-off. BUNO 130269
29-Sep-58 VP-26 P2V-5F 10 NAS Key West. Lost at sea 30 miles north of Key West. BUNO 131461.
1 Jan 59 VP-48 P5M-2 2 Near Decanso, California Uncontrollable engine fire, aircraft crashed.9 crewmen bailed out. One died on impact with ground.
27-Jan-59 VP-56 P5M 4 Crashed In Willoughby  Bay, Virginia. Starboard engine failed 150 miles off-shore. Port engine failed on approach. BUNO 135529. LQ-7.
9-Apr-59 VP-50 P5M-2 10 NAS Iwakuni, Japan Crashed into Halla-san Mountain, Cheju-Do Island, Korea. BUNO 135535
20 Apr 59 VP-42 P5M-1 4 NS Sangley Point, Philippines Waterborne pre-flight starboard JATO inadvertently fired, causing fire in a/c afterstations.
11-Feb-60 VP-50 P5M 9 Puget Sound, Oak Harbour, WA 5" rocket exploded at launch, wing lost. BUNO 135498
21-Dec-60 VP-7 P2V-5 9 Argentia, Newfoundland Crashed at sea, off Cape Race Nfld. Crew 3
22-Sep-61 VP-45 P5M-2S 7 3510N 6510W approx Lost at sea, 3 survivors. BUNO 140144.
9-Nov-61 VP-10 P2V 11 Atlantic Ocean. Lost at sea, 300 nms off the Virginia coast. A/C LD-2. Crew 2. BUNO 131505.
12-Jan-62 VP-5 P2V 12 Kronborg Glacier, Greenland Crash landing.
*23-Jul-62 VP-16 P2V-5 6 NAS Glynco, GA  
2-Aug-62 VP-40 P5M-2 12 Phillipines Collided into mountain due to weather & navigation errors. BUNO 135478
22-Sep-62 VP-42 P5M-2 10 Montague Island, Alaska Crashed into mountain at 1900 ft at 5947N 14749W. BUNO 47937. This a/c was the last Marlin built.
26-Dec-62 VP-42 P5M-2 13 Lost at sea, 350 miles SW San Diego BUNO 127712
11-Jan-63 VP-17 P2V-7 7 NAS Kodiak, Alaska. Collision with mountain during landing in bad weather. BUNO 135559.
30-Jan-63 VP-8 P-3 14 NAS Patuxent River Lost at sea. BUNO 149672.
11-May-64 VP-7 P2V 10 Rota, Spain  
8-Sep-64 VP-42 P2V 5 South China Sea. Lost at sea while on patrol off central Vietnam. BUNO 131413
17-Nov-64 VP-45 P-3 10 NAS Argentia, Nfld. Aircraft crashed into water, four miles out on a GCA final BUNO 151362.
24-Nov-64 VP-2 P2V-7 12 3 mi sw of Cape Newenham,  Alaska. Collided with mountain, 250 miles west of Kodiak. BUNO 135610.
4-Dec-64 VP-9 P-3 13 NAS Sangley Point, PI. Onboard fire caused by launching magnesium flares thru sonochute. Crew 7. BUNO 150508.
7-Apr-65 VP-9 P-3 1 NAS Sangley Point, PI A/C ran off runway. Crew 5. BUNO 150506.
27-Jul-65 VP-16 P-3 4 Bermuda Ground impact. BUNO 151380.
10-Dec-65 VP-11 P2V-7 1 Brunswick, Maine Rocket fired but failed to leave wing stn, a/c ditched. BUNO 147960.
9-Apr-66 VP-19 P-3A 11 Noris Water impact off coast of Baja California. PE-4 BUNO 152171.
4-Jul-66 VP-19 P-3A 4 Battle Creek, Michigan Ground impact. PE-5. BUNO 152172
6-Jan-67 VP-50 P5M 10 Sangley Point, Philippines 5 inch rocket ignited on wing, wing destroyed, a/c crashed into water in Scarborough Shoals.
28-Apr-67 VP-4 P-3 12 Japan Lost at sea. BUNO 151365.
27-Sep-67 VP-30 P2V-7 5 NS Mayport Mid-air with RF8G (146864) BuNo 147946
14-Dec-67 VP-42 P2V 14 Mt. Fair Weather, Alaska Crashed on Sea Otter Glacier, approximately 125 miles NW of Juneau. Wreckage not found until 1982
16-Jan-68 VP-48 P-3 12 Japan Crashed into mountain descending into Iwakuni. BUNO 152144. Crew 11.
6-Feb-68 VP-26 P-3 12 China Sea Lost at sea.off Phu Quoc Island, South Vietnam.  Crew 8. BUNO 153440.
1-Apr-68 VP-26 P-3 12 China Sea Lost at sea, off Phu Quoc Island, South Vietnam. Crew 1. BUNO 153445.
5-Apr-68 VP-6 P-3 8 NAS Naha, Okinawa. Lost at sea,  2705N 13000E. BUNO 151350.
6-Apr-68 VP-6 P-3 8 China Sea Lost at sea. BUNO 151350.
11-Feb-69   P2V-5 7 NAS Los Alamitos, Ca Crashed in Harding Canyon, night approach to MCAS El Toro.
6-Mar-69 VP-31 P-3 6 Lemoore, California Hard landing-a/c fire. BUNO 152765.
3-Aug-70 VP-17 P-3 10 Nevada In-flight explosion. Possible lighting strike. Crew 9 BUNO 152159.
5-Dec-71 VP-6 P3A 1 NAS Cubi Point, Philippines Crashed on take-off into Subic Bay. Fuel contamination. Loss of all engines. BUNO 152151.
26-May-72 VP-31 P-3 8 In California Aircraft disappeared. BUNO 152155.
3-Jun-72 VP-44 P-3 14 Morocco Crashed into mountain. BUNO 152182.
15-Mar-73 VP-10 P-3 5 NAS Brunswick Water impact. BUNO 152749
12-Apr-73 VP-47 P-3 5 NAS Moffett Field. Mid-air collision with a NASA Convair 990. BUNO 157322.
11-Dec-77 VP -11 P-3 13 Canary Islands. Crashed into mountain. Crew 6. BUNO 151380.
* 26-Apr-78 VP-23 P-3 7 Lajes, Azores Water impact. BUNO 152724.
22-Sep-78 VP-8 P-3 7 Paris, Maine Wing separation in flight. BUNO 152757.
26-Oct-78 VP-9 P-3 5 Adak, Alaska Engine overspeed and fire, subsequent ditching. BUNO 159892.
27-Jun-79 VP-22 P-3 5 Cubi Pt. Engine failure with subsequent fire. BUNO 154596
17-Apr-80 VP-50 P-3 6 Pago Pago A/C struck tram wires. BUNO 158213.
16-Jun-83 VP-1 P-3 14 Hawaii Crashed into mountain. BUNO 152720.
21-Mar-91 VP-50 P-3 27 North Pacific(2 a/c midair) Midair collision between two aircraft from VP-50, Buno's 158930 and 159325.


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