On this first day of November in the Year of Our Lord Nineteen Hundred and Seventy, the P-2000 Club declares the formation of the VP International Association. All members of the founding P-2000 Club shall have charter membership.

On this 1st day of July in the year Two Thousand and Six, the VP International Charter is revised to read:


To maintain a worldwide organization of aircrew to foster goodwill and fellowship through the promotion of understanding and recognition of VP operations.


The term VP is accepted by VP International as a military designator applied to fixed wing, Maritime Patrol aircraft employed in intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, anti-surface, and anti-subsurface operations.


Shall be extended to all aircrew who have graduated from a VP aircrew training program and have been assigned to a VP squadron.

VPI Wings

VPI Wings may be formed subject to the approval of the VP International Headquarters.

Honorary Membership

Honorary membership may be extended to military Commanders and other individuals that have demonstrated a keen appreciation and support of the VP role in military operations.