Support VP International

The general administration of VP International is done entirely by volunteers. Our only income is the one time membership payment when new members join VPI. As you have seen in recent years we modernized our online presence with the new website. We also transferred our Web hosting to a different provider.

While our financial situation is currently acceptable, our account balance has been steadily decreasing due to rising administrative expenses. At the current rate of decrease, we estimate VPI Headquarters has about five years of funding left. We do not wish to increase the membership application fee or put advertisements on our website.

Our long term plan to rectify the situation is to accept online membership applications, offer website administation and hosting to Wings, and open an online kitshop.We hope this plan will help us grow our membership and guarantee that VPI continues to exist well into the future.

Every little bit helps, so we ask for your support.

Your donations will be used to cover the following ongoing expenses:

  • Internet provider bills
  • Web hosting and domain registration
  • Email distribution services
  • Online transactions processing
  • Office supplies
  • Postage and shipping

We greatly appreciate your support and membership.

Thank you,
-The Executive Committee